Beet Root Cures and Natural Remedies

Beet Kvass
Posted by Ed2010 (Canada) on 03/02/2014
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Hello All,

Beet Kvass is fermented drink made from beets. It is good for common allergies cold and flu, during winter and a probiotic supplement for your gut, rich in vitamin b complex, iron, anti oxidants, anthocynanins, liver detoxifier, nitrates necessary to produce NO (nitric oxide) in your body. dispepsia, digestion assimilation, anemia. Some grannies it is a cure for all.

Of course, it is should taken as a part of food regularly to benefit from its medicinal properties.

It is easy to make when compared to milk kefir, sauerkraut and MISO



1. Large Beet Root -1

2 . 1 tablespoon sea salt

3. 50 whey or Sauerkraut Juice (for the first batch)

Whey is obtained from filtering home yoghurt with a nice cloth. The clear liquid you get is the whey. Or you can use crushed sauerkraut to get 50 ml juice. It is the starter.


1. Skin off 1 big beet root and dice it into quarter inch pieces.

2. Take a large mason jar or any other glass jar that can hold 1 litre of water.

3. Add the diced beets into the jar, Add whey or saurkraut juice, Add 1 tbsp sea salt.

4. Add 1 litre of water and mix it throughly so as to dissolve the salt.

5. Close it with a lid and place it in a warm dark place for 24 to 36 hours for the first batch.

During winter you can keep inside the baking over with lights turned on. Cover the jar with a dark color cloth to prevent it from exposure to light.

After 36 hours you can filter the liquid. This liquid is the BEET KVASS.

You can keep 50 ml of your first batch to use as a starter for other batches. Two weeks ago, someone asked for how to ferment Turmeric Root.

So, along with the diced beets you can add one grated Turmeric Root. You can add grated ginger, sliced lemon for different flavours.

You can use any types of vegetables to make Kvass. Try with apple.

I tried making Kvass with 2 large grated carrots. The resulted drink was delicious and increased digestion like. It was literally burning the food I took.

Beet Kvass is lactose free. People who can't get milk kefir grains or water kefir grains can try this.

The best part it can made easily in tropical countries cause of the temperatures.