Ted's Famous Alkalizing Remedies

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Posted by Superfob (San Francisco, Ca) on 08/05/2010
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Measurements of my salivary and urinary pH have shown to be consistently alkaline. I'm not sure what exactly my saliva pH is but urinary is in the range of 7. 5-8. 0. Recently, I tried Ted's alkalizing recipes for a few days, and had a breakout of perioral dermatitis - don't think its related but just wanted to mention it. I also noticed that my skin is having some problems - red bumps under the eyes, little bumps on my hands, small raised bumps (regular skin color) on different places throughout my body. I've also always dealt with a skin condition on my hands and feet where the top skin starts separating from the bottom and I am able to peel off the top white skin. It looks like athletes foot with no itchiness or severe redness. I've also been experiencing fatigue and insomnia. Has anyone dealt with high pH levels and health problems, or was able to lower it back to normal? I've heard vitamin C can help?