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Posted by Robert (Sydney, Nsw) on 08/06/2010

Hi there, I have been on Ted's alkalizing protocol for 3 weeks now. The more I read about his symptoms the more I find them similar. I have had candida symptoms for over 15 years, eczema, stomach bloating, dry mouth, white tongue, burning acid in mouth after eating most of the foods. I also developed some eczema on my penis recently. In addition over the last couple of years my muscles started shrinking to the point that I was not able to walk. I am out of work and tried many, many protocols. Last 3 weeks have basically changed my life. I did two things: One: I take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda - a precursor of sodium bicarbonate) and 1/4 potassium citrate in at least 1/2 glass of water taken two times a day. Two: I am on a very specific Candida diet (search Bee's Candida diet) high in good fats (220-250g), protein (60gr) and carbs mostly from veggies I eat (60gr) I am 178cm tall and weight is 80kg. I am also getting ready to introduce borax which I am getting to Australia from USA (hard to find but I managed to get it delivered here). My changes after 3 weeks on the above are as following:

1.) My candida/eczema on my penis gone after 3 weeks and I do not get it irritated so easily anymore. I actually tried irritating it over the last few days but nothing happens. Usually I would get redness and itch would start after a while if I did not use a cream or aloe Vera. Not any more.

2.) For 3 weeks almost everyday I noticed white, cloudy urine. Initially I did not know what it was but after a while I realized it was Candida. How I know? well, after the first experience with cloudy urine I got an outbreak of a pretty bad eczema on my penis. Later I learned to keep it very clean after each time I urinated. Now, after three weeks no more itch, redness, eczema anything.. Clean and strong.

3.) I started walking again, wow! . Walking has not been an issue for so long but it scared me. I had mostly upper back issue (left side trap) to the point I could no longer type at work, so I took sick leave and I can tell you that it will take me months to get back to work. I am convinced that my diet and mostly alkalizing protocol helped to bring the muscle to balance. I still have a long way to go but it is working. Together with my diet I use basic supplements suggested by Bee Candida diet such as: calcium and magnesium citrate (equal amounts), East Flakes (vit B great source), vit C (makes me to go too much), lots of coconut oil and cod olive oil for fat source, vit E 400 once per per day. It is suggested that all foods are organic but I cannot afford it yet. I eat about 200g beef per day. I have terribly dry face skin and lots of eczema outbreaks allover. I manage to control it but it really wants to get out. I hope Borax will help. I feel very dry, my skin is very, very dry. One more interesting thing I noticed is that Candida gets worse a week before the full moon. I had Candida for almost 15 years and only last 5 I knew it was it. I noticed through my suffering that the cycle is always the same: two weeks before the full moon I get worse, eczema gets out, then two weeks after the full moon everything heals, body gets strong and fights eczema. It took me a lot of time to learn all these and try many things but here I am on the way to the recovery. I read peoples comments who recovered from many issues just applying that diet. Apparently high fat (good fat) diet is a miracle itself.

Okay, now I have a few questions:

Does anyone managed to get Borax in Australia (I got it but shipping is very expensive)

Also, I manage my burning sensation in my mouth by drinking Myrrh Tincture from Pure herbs in USA. Trust me you must get that brand or do not bother. I tried many but only this one is the one that works for whatever that is causing the burning sensation. I drink 20 drops 3 times a day. I started taking Myrrh only after I developed dry mouth after my last stupid antibiotics treatment in 2005 (that is when I really got serious Candida and started learning). Sometimes I think I have a bug and Myrrh helps to keep it under control, as soon as I stop drinking it the burning comes back. I tried using it in my colonics (at that time I did not know I had it in my small colon) and burned up my colon badly (did colonoscopy) - almost recovered but took 4 months. So, Myrrh is good but not strong enough to get access all the organs. Perhaps it only works in the first part of intestine and that is why it helps with burning. On the other hand I am worrying that it could be another bug. I really cleaned up Candida by urinating but this has not had any affect on the burning after eating. Not sure what that means. Again, on the other hand, when I tool lamisil tablets for a weeks it cleaned up the burning sensation and white tongue in a week. (I stopped using it due to huge eczema outbreak on my face). Perhaps I need to be patient and wait until my protocol gets to the problem that causes the indigestion issue. For now I keep drinking Myrrh tincture to help with my digestion. Oh, I tried enzymes (I learned a lot about them) but it did not work at all, only Myrrh works (good it is not so expensive).

Suggestions welcome, Robert