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Dietary Changes
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il Usa) on 06/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

The journey of our health is always a learning process. Each one of us has to do the experimenting and research to find our optimal health. I do the ACV, VCO, green drinks, meditation, but never gave too much thought about the degree of my diet and how it was affecting my digestion, sinus issues, weight and mood. I started reading "Fire Engine 2 Diet" and read how so much acid is contained in meat and dairy. Also, saturated fat that leads to so many heart problems.

I can now report that after starting on my 3rd week of Vegan eating, that my digestion is top rate, no sinus congestion, losing weight gradually and my mood is calm, and I am happy most of the time. My energy level has doubled and I don't feel like collapsing when I get home from work. I guess the reason why I'm sharing all of this with you is because what if it's just as simple to feel better by changing what we eat? We can change the conditioning of our upbringing and eat healthier. I won't go back to my old way of eating.... I feel too good. Bless you all.