Acupressure Cures

Posted by Dublinanne (Dublin, Ireland) on 09/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars


I'm an acupuncturist studying to be a naturopthy.

My slim husband is pretty robust and not very interested in health. He's slim and fit, eats crap, drinks a fair amount and when he started smoking again he started snoring heavily waking me about 9 times a night where i'd have to push him onto his side.

So he's not good at sitting still for the acupuncture, so I did three things. Bought one of those spray's full of essential oils (from boots) for your throat. Massaged the pads of his thumbs (thenar eminance) a few mins each, very basic up and down rubs anyone can do.

And lastly made my own cheapie acupuressure thing. In boots the ring is 50 bucks or something crazy

Just get any bandage, put a few grains of rice on it and stick it at the base of the inner baby finger (just above where it joins the finger). that's it.

No snoring. Tedious a little though as somehow I have to do the little hand rub thing every night and not him. Even thought it's simple. Bah

But I shouldn't complain he's fab in every other way! :)

Good luck!