Acupressure Cures

Beautiful Skin
Posted by Teresa (Morristown, Tennessee) on 07/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I'm 44 and recently had a 19 year old ask me out. I bend over for a few minutes at least once a day to let the blood rush into my face. I also use facial accupressure techniques, which I found out how to do from reading an old book written in the '70s. I've been doing shiatisu facial massage on myself for twenty years, I found this in a book. I also mix rose hips and vitamin E oil and a few drops of ACV into peanut oil and rub my body and face down nightly. I recently started color breathing where you inhale the imagined color pink, (Yvonne Martine's technique) and this is like a mini face lift!

EC: We went searching just now and found a book in our collection from 1976 called Shiatzu Japanese Pressure Point MassageZone Therapy Book by Anika Bergson and Vladimir Tuchak. It covers the entire body, not just the face but may be the book Teresa is referring to. Another book by Anika Bergson from 1974 is Zone Therapy Acupressure Techniques. You can buy these books on Amazon for pennies.