Vitamin C for Pets

Pets and Vitamin C
Posted by Dano (Idaho) on 09/22/2022

I was told about supplementing Vitamin C for dogs by a family that has bred American Bulldogs for over 30 years. None of their dogs that they have bred ever got hip dysplasia, something that is not uncommon in American Bulldogs. They told me to make sure that I use a naturally sourced Vitamin C with the co-factors, such as those derived from rose hips, amla etc. because they have found over the years that the results are much better than giving the ascorbic acid version of Vitamin C.

Pets and Vitamin C
Posted by Arnold (Kenmore) on 09/21/2022 20 posts

Everyone knows that most animals produce their own vitamin C, except that isn't necessarily true.

In the wild that probably works, but our pets eat dry food that has been processed at high temps and is devoid of probiotics and enzymes. Their ability to make vitamin C is impaired.

All dogs need a distemper shot - don't do it. Distemper is canine scurvy, and a dose of C cures it.

My friends had a little dog they were going to put down because he had arthritis so bad he could barely crawl. I watched him drag himself to his water dish and I felt so bad for him. On a shelf above the dish was a jar of chewable vitamin C tablets. I crumbled one into the water.

Next day, the day they were going to put him down, they called me, "What did you do to our dog? He is running around like a puppy! "

Now I regularly give my pets a little C powder and ACV in their water.