Poisonous to Dogs and Cats: Unsafe Food List

Noni Juice to Cure Poisoning
Posted by Dlm (Northland, New Zealand) on 05/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had a local lady tell us about her dog who ate some poisoned possum. The dog got very sick and its fur starting coming out and it stopped eating and drinking. The vet had tried everything to save the dog, but eventually told her to take the dog home as it was expected to die that evening.

Her sister told her to try squirting Noni Juice down its throat. She decided to try it. She gave her dog 3 lots of Noni Juice during the night.

The next day it jumped off the bed and started eating the cats food. Since then and with more Noni juice it has made a full recovery.

After hearing this we put a few drops of Noni Juice in our cats water. Normally when you pat one of our cats you can feel the spine, but since giving them Noni Juice it feels really nice and soft again.

We now put a few drops of Noni Juice in our Water and have noticed a big improvement already.

The dog and cat experiences tell me that it does do something, no matter what tests have been done. Maybe they need to do more?