Poisonous to Dogs and Cats: Unsafe Food List

Posted by Georgia ( North East, MD USA) on 02/22/2009
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Our 3 year old Yorkie was laying by my husband one night and suddenly turned on his back and his legs went in all different directions - he shook miserably - the short version is he had 3 seizures within an hour - we took him to the ER, spent over $900 (we refused some of the "ideas") but his blood sugar was 32 when we finally got him to ER. Doc said it was a poison from him getting hold of a piece of Trident gum (my husband left lay on table beside his seat). Apparently the artificial sweeteners can cause such a severe metabolic change as to cause this type of reaction. He should have died, but we prayed for him - I believe God saved his life, but taught us the hard lesson about being very careful where we lay any food and/or snack.

EC: It is nearly impossible to find gum these days that doesn't contain either artificial sweeteners or xylitol, both of which are deadly to dogs!