Poisons Lists: Household Items Unsafe for Your Pets!

Weed Killer
Posted by Lindaatlanta (Woodstock, Ga) on 01/23/2012


I am having severe problems with my Maltese with his ears when I let him do his business in my yard. I have noticed that when I'm in the mountains or when I walk him up the street, not in my yard, that he does not come home with shaking and ear problems and itching and chewing and scratching. Last year, when I let him potty in my yard, he was going into shock... Breathing labored and basically like anaphylactic shock... It was horrible. I finally figured out this did not happen in my yard.

It has taken me a couple years to figure this out... I guess I could not imagine.. Though I knew in my gut this was the cause.... I used Scotts Weed Killer in 09... And I am certain this is what caused the problem. I am writing you because I will almost bet that is the problem with other writers. Now the poison is in my house of course.

I am going to try to put activated charcoal down in the yard since I don't know what else can neutralize poison. It could create a horrible mess, but I don't know what else will adsorb poison... any suggestions?

I wanted to tell you so you can warn others if you wish to. I have pictures of the bag and warnings if you want them.. If you can tell me where you would publish my discovery to warn others, I will greatly appreciate it.

I used on him a Far Infrared Lamp, activated charcoal last year to get him to breathe. It took an hour to get him somewhat back to normal.... Not shaking horribly, labored breathing, terror... Stiff as if he was going to die. This year for the ears I'm doing the items in the subject line.

Thank you.