Pet Rat Remedies

Posted by Jen (Sharpsville Pa) on 10/15/2013

My 3 yr old rat got a terrible upper respiratory infection a few days ago. She was on her last leg. She lost a ton if weight and quit eating and drinking. Everything I read said that there's little I could do for her. I didn't give up. I decided to make a medicine for her at home because I couldn't find a vet to treat her. I remembered reading about goldenrod tea for upper respiratory issues in humans so I gave it a try. I used about a tablespoon of dried goldenrod from my yard and steeped it for about 5-10 min and added 2 tbs of honey. I fed this to her through a medicine dropper every few hours for two days. Now she is running around and eating on her own. She has no more symptoms if illness at all. I also force fed her Peanutbutter mixed with honey as well. I'm so happy she pulled through. If I hadn't done this I'm sure she would've died two days ago.