Natural Remedies for Pets with Mites

Bird Mite Remedies
Posted by Linda (Brisbane, Australia) on 04/24/2013
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Great to hear so much good advice!! I thoughtI had fleas from a friends cat, and tried all the usual things to eliminate them, getting increasingly desperate and more chemical, I used 'bombs' twice and was still being bitten. Saw Dr who said she thought it was a mild case of shingles!! But I had felt them biting me so did further googling. Realised that the wild birds we had been feeding would sit on our garden furniture, which I then sat on, and sometimes dried the laundry on. The mite must have fallen off them. Now I've made that connection things should improve. I have also put diatomaceous earth all around my bed and in my bed after I get up[dont breathe the powder in!! ] I sit in my gym's dry sauna for at least 10 mins every day, with the clothes I wore, and the heat seems to kill them on my body. I vacuum every day, and wash and tumble dry all my clothes and bedding every day as well. Last night I sprayed my bed and myself with a DEET spray, but don't want to do that too often! But no bites today. Will keep you posted! Bye the way spoke to the council and they ar convinced that mites cannot live without birds for more than 2 weeks, and that people who say they do are 'being dramatic'!! Amazing, has he not read these posts???