Home Treatment for Dog Stroke Recovery: Natural Remedies and Support

Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 03/09/2016 36 posts
5 out of 5 stars

My little dog fell and had a stroke. Right after she fell she was walking around so I knew nothing was broken, in fact, I thought everything was fine. A few minutes later she had the stroke and at first I thought she had died. She got stiff and then couldn't walk, her head turned to one side and then she was limp. She's 15 years old so I just held her and waited for her to die.

She stayed with me so I went online to see if there were any home remedies and found one that used homeopathy. I didn't follow the online remedy exactly but used what homeopathic remedies they had used and I had on hand. She wasn't eating so I gave her electrolytes every hour but not at the same time as the homeopathic remedies.

The second day was about the same except that I spaced the homeopathic remedies out every 3 hours. The third day I gave her 1 dose of arnica around noon and one of aconitum in the evening. The fourth day she got 1 dose of arnica. From the beginning, she seemed to be cold so I put a dog sweater on her and even a heating pad under her bed and several layers of towels and covered her with a baby blanket. She also couldn't walk. {C}When she started eating again, she had diarrhea so gave her yogurt and sweet potatoes and winter squash since I didn't have pumpkin. It helped a little but she didn't want to eat so I added a little canned dog food to her yogurt and sweet potatoes and the diarrhea came back. It finally stopped when I gave her nothing but dried dog food. A week and a half later she's back to the way she was before her stroke. You would never know anything had happened to her.

  • 11 am - arnica montana 200c, 6-8 tiny pills
  • 1 pm - phosphorous 200c, about 6-8 tiny pills and arnica again
  • 2 pm - aconitum napellus 30c, 1 pill
  • 5 pm - arnica
  • 8 pm - aconitum
  • 11 pm - phosphorous
  • 1:30 - aconitum