Liver Disease Remedies

Chlorophyll, Milk Thistle
Posted by Melisa (Jacksonville , FL) on 12/11/2008

Our little Molly, a four pound, 11 month Maltese, Yorkie (Morkie) is allergic to ants. We found out after she had a severe allergic reaction and we almost lost her at 6 months. The vets said her liver panels were extremely elevated and that she would have to stay on medicine for the rest of her life, I refused to accept that and began putting Chlorophyll (liquid) in her water, and giving her liquid Milk Thistle. Two months later her panels were all normal! No more meds!!! Chlorophyll is a natural blood purifier and can be given for life, there really is no "dosage" just add it to your pets water, it will make it green and give it a minty flavor. Milk Thistle in the liquid the "dosage" is for a 150 pound person, just adjust accordingly.