Pet Injury Remedies

Posted by JBohn (Denver, CO) on 08/06/2023

Our dog came in from our backyard with a limp and could barely walk. She must have sprained or injured her back leg because she didn't want to put weight on it.

We brought her inside and laid her on her bed. She looked miserable. She didn't want to eat or drink water and just laid there, not moving.

I love this website so I came here to see what I could do to help her. I read the review about arnica and T-Relief cream. I didn't want to shave her leg to try and apply cream. So I Googled the company who makes the cream, Medi Natura, and saw they had a pill version for dogs.

I googled to try to find out what pet store carried T-Relief pills but couldn't find any. I then saw the human version and cross-checked the ingredients and they looked the same. So I headed to our local natural grocery store, Sprouts, here in Colorado. I got the T-Relief Extra Strength Pain Relief Arnica +12 human pills and gave her one as soon as I got home. Like I said, she really didn't want to eat anything but I was able to get her to take the pill wrapped with some raw hamburger meat.

She laid in her bed for the rest of the night and barely moved. Later in the night she looked a little less uncomfortable but still didn't move. I gave her another T-Relief pill in some more raw hamburger meat before we went to bed.

The next morning, she still was not wanting to move. Usually when I get up, she gets up out of her bed, but this morning she just laid there. I gave her another pill wrapped in raw hamburger first thing in the morning and then went about my morning routine. I checked on her a few times. She still didn't want to get up and I just gave her lots of pets before going back to what I was doing.

Then I heard a noise and she was coming down the stairs, still limping a bit. But she wanted to go outside! So I let her outside and I didn't think we would go very far but she wanted to go on a walk. I continued to give her the pills and by the end of the day she seemed almost like her old self! For reference, I was giving her one pill, 4 times a day - one in the morning, afternoon, dinner and at bedtime. It took approximately a day and a half before she was really walking around. I would highly recommend trying the T-Relief pills if your dog has a limp.

The company also offers a pill for pets with arthritis ( MediNatura T-Relief Pet Arthritis Relief Arnica +12) and since this T-Relief pill worked so well, I just placed an order for the arthritis pills and plan on using those daily for her from now on and keeping these T-Relief pain pills as back up if she injures herself again. Our dog is almost 14 years old =)

Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 03/05/2018 36 posts

My dog came in from outdoors with a limp. I checked his leg and couldn't find anything wrong. I could tell he wasn't feeling well by the way he was acting. I gave him some homeopathic Arnica. He fell asleep on the floor and I noticed he would shiver on the inhale. I covered him with a heavy blanket and then came here to Earth Clinic to see what I could find to treat him.

Someone used Traumeel on a pet injury so went out and bought some. Had to clip some of the fur on the part of the leg I thought might be injured to be able to get the cream down to the skin. Put some of the T-Relief (used to be called Traumeel) cream on the leg and then covered it with a small baby's sock with the tip of the toe cut off to be able to slip it over his paw. I put another sock over the first one in the opposite direction for compression and to help keep it on his leg...worked great, never came off.

A couple of hours after applying the cream he was able to put some pressure on the leg and was walking again. About 4 hours after I had given him the first dose, I gave him another and by the end of the day I could tell he was feeling so much better. The next morning he woke up happy and was running and bumped the leg he had injured and was limping again. Since I knew the T-Relief cream worked, I put some on again, with the socks, and in a couple of hours he was ok. I could't believe how fast the T-Relief cream worked. I'm going to buy another tube and always keep one on hand for my dogs, cats and myself.