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Activated Charcoal
Posted by Pam E. (Riverside County, California, USA) on 10/09/2023 130 posts

Activated Charcoal is known for adsorbing a lot of different harmful substances from the body, but most only recognize it helping if the substance is in the gut... .

However, when my cat presented with a missing toenail (had ripped out & gotten infected), the only thing that took care of his infection was a dose of Activated Charcoal, mixed with water & with his food. (I read that people who've had part of their intestines removed & have to wear a bag, use A.C. to take care of the odor & take it with every meal, but don't appear to have any trouble with the A.C. causing any nutritional insufficiencies.)* Anyway, it only required one dose of A.C. for the cat, & the next day the infection in his toe & foot was gone, & t began healing nicely!

What I started out to say is that by adsorbing harmful things from our gut, perhaps it is also able to adsorb things from our blood as it comes to the intestines to pick up nutrients through its membrane ... and, by liberating the body of having to deal with all those negative things, the body become strong enough to deal with problems that are farther afield than the digestive tract, when they were too weak or otherwise busy to do so, before.

ALSO, it is also known that sweating is one of the methods the body has to get rid of toxins from our bodies, so maybe that is a reason (at least in part) for some cases of Hyperhidrosis ... but after or while taking A.C., it takes over getting rid of a lot of the toxins ... thus allowing the lessening of sweating to occur.

That's just my two cents ... but I know A.C. has helped me with a few infections when nothing else I tried had done anything for it, so in my opinion, it works surprisingly well!

*Activated Charcoal FAQ* #3