Weak Immune System Remedies for Pets

Posted by Anoosh (Half Moon Bay, Calif.) on 01/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am responding to all the ACV posts for cat ailments. I have a 4 year old sphynx that has has a chronic sinusitis or cold or something for the past 2 years. He has been through every medical regime possible for cats-including a round of antibiotics for fish. He has been on the traditional rounds of antibiotics, super power antibiotics, drops, double doses, double rounds, multiple antibiotics simultaneously and etc. Nothing made a bit of improvement and I was told it was simply going to be chronic.

I recently began making Kombucha for my own use and decided to give the cat 1 tbls. A day orally with a dropper. We are on about week 6 and this cat is cured. We went from him sneezing and literally blowing-sorry.... -great big gobs of snot everywhere-the walls, the windows, the furniture, our bedding (very very gross) to not one sneeze in over 3 weeks. It took about 3 weeks to see a difference, but I am more than hopeful that he will be cured. His breathing is clear and no longer has that gurggly sound to it. I suppose store bought Kombucha would work also and much cheaper than any vet bill.