Weak Immune System Remedies for Pets

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic
Posted by Vegamom (Lubbock, Texas) on 11/09/2009
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Swelling in my dane

I have a great dane that is 12 months old. She has had staph as a puppy in her paws. When we got her she had been to the vet to get shots and came down with parvo from the vets office. She has been healthy but recently her back paw swelled from the elbow on down. It stayed swelled for a few weeks. Started her on acv in her water and 1tsp. garlic in her food. The swelling went away but now it is back but in her ears, the flaps and the top of her head. Has anyone else dealt with this? She has been a "special" dog since day one. I think her immune system is messed up. Thanks.