Cure Canine Heart Murmur: Natural Pet Remedies

Posted by William (Clewiston, Fl, US) on 04/11/2013

I took my cat to the vet for eye irritation I thought it might be an infection at first but it was only on the upper and lower lid not on the eye itself. The vet had seen the cat before he had diagnosed her with a heart murmur years ago but she was doing great. When I got her to the vet he said it was an allergic reaction, he really did not know what to , he gave her a steroid shot and an antibiotic. ShE slept all that evening and all the next day , not eating or drinking anything, that afternoon or early evening I notice she was breather heavier than usual I needed up taking her to an emergency clinic an hour away and barely got her there fluid was building up in her lungs. And heart was failing. From what I have read so far cats with known heart murmurs should not be given steroids because it causes just that , water build up in th e lungs and heart failure , has anyone else run across this?