Diatomaceous Earth Benefits for Pets


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Posted by Patti (Coconut Creek, Fl) on 04/10/2010 3 posts

I wanted to add I give my horses and dog DE for parasite control. I've taken it myself from time to time, too. It's very important to know that there is a Food Grade DE ....and there is diatomaceous earth product that is sold for use in pool filters. That product is toxic. Be sure to buy Food Grade diatomaceous earth.

Posted by Jody (OH) on 12/23/2006

Dimataceous earth, not sure about the spelling on that... If you add a tbsp of dimataceous earth to an adult dog's, and a tsp to a puppy's food on a daily basis you will eliminate most parasites. You also can rub it into their fur for flea control as well. I have a kennel and have used this method for a long time and it works well.


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Posted by Nichole (Middletown, Ohio Usa) on 01/26/2012

The remedies used here are Diatomaceous Earth (food Grade) and the homeopathic Arsenicum Album...

*1-24-12* Got some great info I wanted to share, last night around 7 or so my friend called to tell me about her friend's puppy that they just found out from the vet she had Parvo, she was in the first stages of it which is lethargy and loss of appetite... So they came over to pick up some Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) (which kills viruses and bacteria quickly) and arsenicum album. Which is the homeopathic remedy of choice for Parvo... She gave 4 doses of the arsenicum album (2 pills placed in a 2 ounce amber spritzer bottle, hit on palm of hand 8 times before each dose) last night 1 dose per hour for 4 hours and I think two doses of the DE at 1/2 teaspoon per dose. I told her for today to give the arsenicum every 3 hours and the DE 2-3 times (she actually gave a dose of the Arsenicum and the DE both every 2-3 hours throughout the second day). So this morning at 10:30 I called to check in on the puppy and she had got up and gone downstairs TWICE to go potty already! Then I got a call a hour and a half later and the puppy was eating some chicken! She hadn't started drinking yet but already those two things are great improvements! Thank God for His perfect medicine!!! Will keep y'all updated as I hear them...

*Update at 7pm 1-24-12
So far she's been eating more, going outside on her own to potty and playing with her momma, not drinking but peeing so she's still improving greatly, woohoo!!!

* 1-26-12* Ok new update as of today, she began drinking today and is eating and acting normally again!!! WOW, 3 days from start of treatment to being back to a healthy state, I've recommended she continue at least one dose of DE everyday for the next 3 weeks just to make sure she doesn't catch it again, plus it has other health benefits. This treatment had fast results and if everything was purchased new for this specific instance would have run about $15 total, that's a HUGE difference between the other two options which is to let the dog die or hospitalize it which is extremely expensive as it runs for 5-7 days time with intensive care. I think I'd rather do the natural method that's much cheaper, much more effective, and much faster for healing. : D

Replied by Nichole
(Middletown, Ohio Usa)

SWEET! Got some more good news on treatment for parvo, the puppy has been doing just great and amazing, her mother however, was not so lucky and came down with the parvo and quickly progressed to vomiting blood, this began last night. This morning she was given an anti-nausea pill (not sure what kind) and I was called about her condition, they came over quickly to get some phosphorous that we added two pills to the original arsenicum spritz bottle, she was given this every 15 minutes for an hour and a half and I recommended that it be given again for every hour for four more hours then reassess. At this time she was not throwing up from the anti-nausea pill and was then given a dose of pepto with a tablespoon of DE mixed in with a bit of water so it wasnt pasty. Shortly after she had a bout of diarrhea and began shivering, this was at 11:20 AM.

I called to check in on her just now and she has not vomited again, has not had any more diarrhea, was given a second dose of the DE in plain water and has only received homeopathics and DE alone since then. She is acting like herself again, has been able to sleep for the first time since yesterday and even went out to pee. Sounds like we have another parvo recovery!!! Our Heavenly Father has been so amazing, that despite living in this fallen world he did not leave us without healing

Replied by Wanda

Praise God for this story

Potential Side Effects

Posted by Lisa (CA) on 06/15/2023

I would like to give my dog DE for a uti and arthritis. However, she has dry eyes. Can this dry her eyes more taking it internally?

Replied by Possum

In my experience, I no longer needed to use eye drops for dry eyes when I used DE instead.

Side Effects

Posted by Horrrified (USA) on 05/21/2024

I didn't realize that diatomaceous earth is also being used in certain dog food brands. It has caused major skin problems with my dog, internal disorders, loss of hair and loss of nutrition. I had no idea about this product and I'm horrified! This shouldn't be ingested or even included in a dog food! These things don't show up right away but with continued use it will affect your pet.

Side Effects in Dogs

Posted by Frankie (Ft. Myers, FL) on 02/13/2022

Does anyone have experience giving this internally ie with food to senior dogs, dogs with liver issues and Cushing's Disease? Is it okay to dispense with Vetoryl, Denamarin, Gabapentin…? Thanks.


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Posted by Katzie (Cancun, Mexico ) on 04/10/2024

Diamotaceous Earth (aka fossil flour), is literally dirt cheap. Sprinkle some over the area! Another poster in a D.E. thread here mentioned to not use a metal spoon when handling D.E. as that would negate the charge. I can attest it sure feels that way when I rub D.E. on an infection of mine, ie tiny electrical discharges). When I found Dog#2, both shoulder blades had massive infection with large pus pockets. He was in agony. I could see small slits on each blade so I knew the D.E. would have them draining in 15-20 minutes, and I was right. I was able to sprinkle some D.E. on him and it was so light it didnt cause him additional pain. 20 mins later I could smell the pus just leaking down from the wounds. The dog was out of agony for about the cost of about 25cents. I haven't found that post again yet to thank that guy, but D.E. has saved me and my rescues from many different infections, sores & bites, burns, and alot of pain! D.E. contains silica, which is something our skin has/needs, but not for too many days in a row, as it can be drying to the skin. I only use it in the initial healing phase. Our bodies do heal themselves very well, if infection is kept out of the way. After infection is no longer a concern, you want to moisturize the area to aid in cellular turnover, which speeds healing.

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