Glaucoma Remedies for Dogs and Cats

Vitamin C
Posted by Jennifer (Anchorage, Alaska) on 03/06/2013

My 9 year old blue heeler was diagnosed with Glaucoma on 3/3/13. At the visit the vet was not optomistic of him retaining his vision as his pressure #'s were high. They gave me a combined eye drop and pain chew. The next day we went back to test the pressure again, it had risen 10 more points!! They gave me additional drops and also an oral med. I started doing research on the 3rd to see if I could find a holistic remedy to ease the pain and discomfort he was feeling as my vet explained that there isn't a cure. I found an article about vitamin C, well several articles... And also some articles about diets. He wasx already on a holistic diet so I didn't worry about that but the vitamin C option was interesting. Since vitamin C is water soluable he can't overdose and my vet refused to give me feedback on how much I should give him. I administered about 1000mg in his food on the 5th. I am watching his bowl movements for loose stool (sign to decrease the vitamin C dose). I took him back in this morning the 6th of March and low and behold his eye pressure was back down to 16 & 19!!! The vet was shocked and had many questions to ask about his diet and changes I had made. I am not a scientist but I do have a feeling this additional step I took may have saved my dog's vision.

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