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Posted by Gina G. (Orange, Ct) on 03/08/2015
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This is for Namaste, Om. Were you implying my comments? Or, the others for "allopathic approach"? So far, my dog is responding well with Vitamin C and his pressure reading on left eye is low. I am optimistic and will take another pressure test this week to be sure, it isn't a fluke.

If you meant for those eye meds from the specialist, are pretty frighten due to these bloggers ' experiencing no help with control their dogs' eye pressure & altered them to do something more costly pains.

I never like the idea of pushing those useless meds for this eye condition on a dog & paying them for nothing. There is a miraculous cure for human glaucoma and that is used by conventional approach.

Even worst by altered way to deal with the pressure control is far more expensive which most specialists would say either do "laser treatments or eye removal and so on..."

Most importantly, I am making efforts to help my dog's eye pressure remains low and stay within normal range. Had him checked in with the vet yesterday while on his 3rd day of treatment!

I didn't disclosed anything about giving him the Vitamin C, Bilberry, Ginok Bilboa & others to my vet. Just saying that many vets & specialists out there to rob $$$$$ for unjustified cause and dishonesty about those useless meds! They're Not putting for the best interest of all dogs that come down with eye conditions. Just the $$$$$ for their services & so-called treatments.

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