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Posted by Annalouise (Covington, Va) on 02/22/2016 4 posts

Reply to Gina post dated 3/5/2015 & an update of my 12/15/2014 post. 00 is the size of the capsule I was using to put the freeze dried carrot powder in. At the time I gave him one a day by mouth. I have since changed to chicken dog food that contains carrot pieces and veggies that you can actually see in the food. I feed him cooked chicken often.

Instead of pills for Ginkgo Biloba and Bilberry, I have switched to a liquid form made without using alcohol and use the dropper to administer directly in his mouth once a day. Per the book Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Dog Care, most dosages are based on a 150 pound human, so I do the math for a 60 pound dog. Sadly he did loose sight in the right eye, per the vet hospital, the optic nerve is dead due to the glaucoma, he still sees good with the other eye. Although encouraged to do so, I decided not to have the eye removed because the acupuncture treatments once a month and eye drops daily were working so very good at keeping the dog happy and eating good, and keeping the swelling and spiking down in the beginning. I still keep Heritage store brand food grade organically grown glycerin on hand just in case needed.And it was needed a couple of times at first onset for spikes.

The eye drops prescribed are Dorzolamide/Timolol (a combo) for both eyes 3 times a day, Latanoprost for the right (bad) eye twice a day, and NeoPolyDex for left (good) eye one drop a day. If it becomes necessary due to any future excess swelling or discomfort, I have found a naturalistic DVM who will remove the gland that is secreting the liquid that glaucoma condition is preventing the proper drainage, rather than removing the eye. With this operation the drops will not be necessary I was told. But he will still be blind in that eye account the optic nerve has been damaged.

In summary I have used immediate diet change, more chicken in the diet, immediate removal of collar, acupuncture, prescribed eye drops, changed to liquid form bilberry, ginkgo bioba and getting the benefit of carrots from the food. Within the last 6 months I am observing very little swelling, and less bulging of the eyeball, perhaps the herbs are kicking in by now? The blind eye has a cloudy blue color, and is back to a more normal size. The dog has adjusted, eats healthy, drinks water, and is living a normal life, showing no discomfort at this time.

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