Glaucoma Remedies for Dogs and Cats

Glycerin, Vitamin C
Posted by Jeny (USA) on 06/22/2012

I noticed there were no glaucoma remedies on earth clinic for dogs so thought I would post my experience with my dog. She had an eye removed last year due to glaucoma and is currently having issues with the second eye. She is on the usual medications... Xalatan, Cosopt and Predneferin. However she still has pressure spikes every now and then that cause her to go temporarily blind. When this happens I give her oral glycerin. This was suggested by the eye specialist she is seeing. He said that in emergencies when the pressure spikes and the eye goes really cloudy to give her 10mls of oral glycerin.

Glycerin is amazing. Within about an hour or so, she has her sight back. My dog is an English Cocker Spaniel. I measure out 10mls and just pour it into a bowl. She licks it up as it has a sweet taste.

The second remedy I use is Vitamin C. There are a lot of studies online about vitamin c and glaucoma. For dogs you need to give them the Ester C form of vitamin c as the other types can be a bit harsh on their stomach. I give my dog 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet at night. Each tablet is 625mg. At her last visit to the vet her pressure was so low, the vet had trouble measuring it. I think the vitamin c has something to do with that.

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