Garlic for Cats

Is It Safe?
Posted by Michael (Michigan) on 02/17/2022

I just gave my cat a Garadetto's Garlic Rye chip and he ate like maybe half of the chip until I realized I should look up whether or not garlic is okay for cats. Then I obviously took the rest of the chip away from him when I found it it wasn't. I think it was such a small amount that he'll be fine, since there obviously isn't anywhere near 1/4th of a clove within a garlic seasoned rye chip. But after reading how cats supposedly hate garlic, I'm surprised my cat seemed to like it. Anyway I won't be feeding it to him anymore, it just doesn't sound worth the risk. Blood cell issues sound way worse than parasite issues. Glad to hear it's not instantly deadly at any amount though, as some websites seem to want to portray.