Garlic for Cats

Posted by Lana (Tulare, California) on 05/08/2010

I have a nine year old cat, Jim Morrison, who being a 20 pound alpha male gets into a lot of fights. About a week ago he got into a fight with a new stray that's been hanging around and developed a small infection in one of his fore legs. I can't take him to the vet since I was recently fired my job and money is scarce. When the infection started to spread and Morrison developed a fever I decided to look for a natural anti-biotic. After a brief search on the internet I turned up that garlic was used in world war one a two when penicillin ran short. My brother who is studying pharmaceuticals confirmed this and cautioned me to use it in moderation. I rubbed some minced garlic on the site of his infection and another small amount on his nose to get it into his system. He licked it off and was quite upset, but went to have a nap. Within a few hours Morrison's infection had diminished somewhat and a few hours after that the infection opened I was able to drain some of it and treat it with peroxide. I gave him another small amount of garlic in the same way I had earlier that night before bed and by the next morning the majority of the infection was gone and Morrison was fever free. I gave him another garlic treatment that morning and again that night by the following day (yesterday) the infection was gone. Morrison is fine and happy now napping at my feet as I write this. I've been checking him to make sure that the infection doesn't come back but so far everything looks good. I normally don't post on websites as I think it's a waste of time, but I noticed in the posts about giving garlic to animals there was almost nothing on cats and what there was had to do with treating fleas. The garlic did work, what I used was the pre minced kind you can buy in a jar and used it sparingly.