Garlic for Cats

Chronic Skin Conditions
Posted by Bob T. (Wayne, Nj) on 05/15/2017

I had an older cat who kept getting a recurring skin condition and he would literally scratch so much he had no fur left on his body! I would have to take him to the vet two or three times a year for expensive creams that took quite a while to day I read an article about using garlic to treat skin conditions in cats.I took the garlic and minced it and put it in a container with a bit of olive oil.I rubbed it all over the infected areas and within a week or two I noticed his skin condition clearing up. I had him for many years after this and anytime I saw this condition coming back would repeat the treatment and it would clear right up. needless to say I never had to take him to the vet for it again. He lived to be 23 btw. The garlic didn't seem to hurt him in the least.