Removing Contaminants from Fur

Vegetable Oil and Flour

Posted by Deb (High Springs , FL) on 05/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

We panicked when we saw that our 14 year old cat (in fragile health) had rolled in leaked motor oil. Your Site gave simple directions (a large amount of vegetable oil and flour to absorb the oil, a good combing to remove most of the "gunk" and a bath in diluted degreasing dish detergent and a good rinsing) using safe household products. It helped us stop "panicking" and get down to the business of removing the oil. Also, because it was simple and used non-toxic remidies, our cat wasn't traumatized any more than a couple of baths and rinses! We now have him resting quietly on a warm heating pad to prevent any chance of hypothermia. He seems to be doing quite well now. Thanks so much for your help. I would highly recommend your site to others.