Removing Contaminants from Fur

Baby Oil

Posted by Danny (Adelaide, South Australia) on 09/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Baby oil, It should be called miracle oil. I used olive oil first on our inherited 12 year old commuity cat as its matted fur clumps had been on so long they had attached to his chest and stomach hard against his skin, it must have been very painful, there were also hair balls hanging from his skin. The hair had actually gone hard inside the lumps, so at first we applied oilve oil and some lumps loosened and could be cut off but the big ones like on his chest were 50mm square and 10mm thick and as hard as a rock, one under his front leg was 40mm long and 8mm thick and one under his back leg was 150mm long and 6 mm thick attached in two places, but as they were only moving slowly I went to baby oil and within a week ALL had come loose, some I cut off when they came safely away from his skin and the others dropped off on their own. I want to thank this site and all who offered their advice to use baby oil and I reckon the cat does to. Regards Danny