Treatment for Side Effects of the Feline Rabies Vaccine

Dietary Changes
Posted by Mike (Fairfield, CT) on 03/13/2009

I would highy recommend a book called "The Nature of Animal Healing" by Marty Goldstein. He is a holistic vet in South Salem, NY. We took our cat there after he developed cronic renal failure which my wife and I feel was caused by a rabies booster shot. You will be horrified about what these shots and the commercial pet food industry has done and is doing to our pets. Our cat is doing much better since seeing Dr. Marty and he now only eats poached chicken and baby sweet potatoes. Dr. Marty believes in feeding our pets what we eat (yes with restrictions). Buy this book. PS I am not related to Dr. Marty nor get any royalties from him. I just care about my cat. He's my pal