The Best Natural Remedies for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

Raw Salmon, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Kelly (California) on 01/24/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Our cat got really sick and wouldn't come out from under the bed for 24 hours. She had discharge out of her eye and some swelling in the lymphs below throat/cheek area. I gave her prayers and energy work and that got her purring. I gave her raw salmon and she actually ventured out to eat it. After a little bit she began to beg for more, and more and more. Next day she was back to normal energy and begging for more raw salmon but I ran out and gave her the dry food. She ate it during the evening and next day she was sick again with very swollen lymphs. One became huge like an abscess and she popped it. It was pretty disgusting.

We gave her oral colloidal silver and cleaned her wound with peroxide and then dropped topical colloidal silver directly on the wound. Got her more raw salmon and put the colloidal silver directly on the salmon, which I will continue to do for the next several days until the wound is completely healed. After this gross ordeal, we were so relieved to see her so relieved and feeling better. Glad we didn't need to take her to the vet because she probably would have been set back a few weeks knowing my cat's personality. She is highly anxious and the stress probably would have put her over the edge. We are grateful she is feeling better so quickly and the sore is healing nicely. She is not over cleaning it luckily so we don't even need to put a cone on her although we do have one. I'm feeling blessed by our kitty's miracle healing and that we didn't have to put her on antibiotics which have harmful side effects and can damage their sensitive microbiomes.