Ear Mites
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Ear Mite Remedies

Warm Water and Q-Tip
Posted by Dr. G (Albany, Ny) on 02/01/2010

I'm a retired vet and believe strongly in both home remedies and vets. Why it is a good idea to have your animal checked out regularly by a veterinarian, most are very expensive and give worthless tests. When I was ten my horse, Toyota, caught colic and we tried (my Mother and I) peppermint tea. It cleared right up. The vet even said not to but we did and it worked. Also for ear mites in dogs or cats, try warm water and a Q-tip. Be careful not to push grid into the ear canal. Put the Q-tip at the base of the ear and gently swipe it up. Do this until it is clean. If your animal's ear stinks, it may have a infection and should be checked out your vet.