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Treating Feral Cats With Ear Mites
Posted by Liz (Shelton, Washington) on 10/31/2009

I have five several cats that have been dumped by various people onto my property. Can't believe the cruelty of people when it comes to what they do to animals. I usually manage to find homes for these dumped cats but the five I now have are extremely wild and cannot be caught or handled by humans. The problem I have now is that they are being troubled severely by earmites. One cat in particular is scratching to the point of crying out in pain when scratching her ear. If giving them ACV in their water will get rid of fleas will it also aid in gettig rid of earmites? I feed all of these cats regularly and give them fresh water daily which they seem to consume rapidly. Is there any other remedy for earmites that could be used to clear up the earmites if added to their food or water? Am very happy that I have found this site. It's wonderful to be able to read all of the great information put on here by you and others. This has been a Godsend. Thank you. Will be hoping to find some earmite information here soon.