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Ear Mite Remedies

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Wild Horse 10 (Pie Town, New Mexico) on 01/08/2010
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I remember finding kittens as a young person, new in a first apartment with a friend, we found these two kittens and took them in, they had ear mites, and we used alcohol drops in the ears, rubbed them and cleaned them out with q-tips, carefully and as the kittens shook their heads we kept cleaning and adding more after it dried. we only had to do this the one time. it went on over three hours though. a long time in a bathroom. the kittens were also bathed with dish soap. now I am hearing Olive Oil, lets be frank it has been a few years since we did this. now I have two new kittens and so far i can see the mite dirt but they do not scratch the ears or shake their heads and such to demonstrate they have them. I am going to give them both, olive oil and rubbing alcohol tx just to make sure.