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Posted by Sonya (Britain ) on 02/16/2016
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Ear Mites

I had my cat Sooty to the vets twice with ear mites in 1 month, she had severe ear mites, I never thought of checking her little ears and felt terrible when I noticed little grey blisters and white specks seen by the naked eye and scabs. I was horrified. Sooty is indoor cat and didn't catch from another pet directly. One thing I've noticed that hasn't been mentioned is visitors visiting the house, you may be the cleanest person but visitors may live differently I know there pet as had them but don't know about having to vacuum the house and keep things sterile as they're like a human scabies.

If a pet at home as them or think they have dealt with it but don't realise they live on the animals body and make there way back after treatment and on bedding your clothing pet hair and u go to a friends house and there pet sits on your knee get the picture transmitted. I let people know and warned them when they came in and insisted they washed there hands and use hand sanitizer before leaving as only fair not infest there pets also its a kind way of saying these are contagious and report back or check your pet the suffering they go through and what there hear and endure is devastating. Prescriptions didn't work, expensive solutions did t work, if u ask I will tell u what iv used the list is endless.

It is important though to get the vet to do a check and then when your confident what your dealing with take it from there. After confirmation from the vet and there Prescription med as been used and it sure will continue mine did even after second visit and frontline and antibiotics they continued and constant daily ear cleaning before medication applied. She started September 2015 and think where nearly there feb 2016. Ear mites are very clever and when the ears have had server attack for some time there are deap scabs inside right to the eardrum packed with thousands of them buried in the wax and debris. I found the best solution was mineral oil and olive oil was the best for treating these poor ears its kind and gentle and stops the mites nibbling on there flesh and drowns them and softens the debris working its way out of the ear drums. Yes in the end I used q tips which this is when I noticed things where getting better. I didn't go into the ear canal totally just at the entrance and where the back of the ear is because this is where the hide out and just at the beginning of the ear lobe and if your gentle and your cat is showing no sign of discomfort your ok. If u go further down the canal u are causing damage cause you're pushing the debris back what is trying to work its way out and it will work its way out but not in a day this called TLC tender loving care. Alls you can do is make your cat as comfortable as possible till u have managed to clear most of the debris. I found Johnson ear mite treatment to be safe to use twice a day. Id put a drop on the qtip and apply it in all the hidden cracks and little lobes they have that mites tuck them selves under when the ears become clean this is when u cant see the mites by the naked eye and hidden eggs. I found that when I trusted the medication from the vet using the cream for 2 weeks to treat the yeast and bacteria infection which is always there when there is mites due to there poop and goop was another infestation so more damage was done should of stuck to the ear flushing daily and dosage of olive oil and mineral oil twice daily. Use plenty cover the whole ear inside out and wash with around the ear the cheeks and under the chin ensuring when they shake there head your stopping them from hiding in there fur. Iv bathed sooty twice with a cat shampoo and neem oil 100% pure neem only needing small amount its safe just make sure u completely rinse them off yes the neem is pleasant but the mites hate it. Verbac house spray is good stuff 10.00 amazon or ebay for bedding carpets soffo tables chairs where ever the rub pass basically every where.

At the moment now most of the debris as gone still little bits still coming that's from the eardrum airer so u can imagine how sore and packed and recaring ear mites go on for sept to feb. That's because they hide in all nicks and crans and live under scabs so don't be upset when u think everything is failing and can be a long process.

Now I've started to put day time colloidal silver in, first I flush her ears with home made solutions... mixture, Chamomile tea bag in a cup of hot water add 1 drop ONLY... LAVENDER oil high quality only ensure it recommend for pets first from the supplier. Never use tea tree oil as its poisoning to cats and 500ml vitamin e oil capsule and 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil 100% pure pressed looks like lard but melts down fast mix it up take the chamomile tea bag out and transfer into your own bottle ... your own solution. When I apply it its just luke warm I fill her ear and hold for as long as possible stroking her head I let go and let her head shake it out and wiped the ear clean. At the present I'm not using the ear mite ointment I only use it when her ears are twitching and constant shaking when this dies of I go straight back to the oil treatment I hope I'm not confusing u guys when you read this ... feel free if I can be any help in advice in any way and if u have any good ideas I'm also interested. So iv flushed her ears done a gently wipe pure clean today gentle qtip ensuring she is dry and clean in little curves u cant see let her go feed her 2 teaspoons of natural yoghurt its like pro biotic for a cat I also put 1/2 teaspoon a day of apple cider vinegar in her wet food to help flush any toxins from the ear mite treatment iv used as cats livers aren't as good as a humans or a dogs so all products for dogs may not be suitable for a cat. After her ears are dry I apply colloidal silver its a 25ml bottle with an ear dropper and apply 1/4 and massage... mites come alive at night..Night time I clean her ears gently with a qtip with the oil I put in for the night which is extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil mixed together as I say I oy used the q tip checking theres no loose debris which as worked out of the canal. I got a little scab tonight but I no its from the ear canal and I'm close to the end. I'm ready for and eggs if they have managed to hatch any this time cause I've been thorough for solid 3 weeks constant cleaning and ensuring her ears or fully oiled to drown them. I've got the neem oil if there is another infestation. When the neem applied in their ear it will make the mites disabled so they can't reproduce and no more chemicals as this is a big concern with cats best to be chemical free when possible. She always runs of fast when I finish treating her, then 5 mins after she comes back smothering me in kisses. We're getting there, keeping positive.

Hope all this makes sense "))))))