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Ear Mite Remedies

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Posted by Stephanie (Calgary, Alberta) on 02/24/2010
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My cat has ear mites an I have tried water and vinager it seems to be getting better but it's been a month and there still not gone I'm tring mineral oil now it's only been two days of it but I read that it doesn't kill the mites just cleans the ear should I use vinegar as well as the mineral oil ... Will that kill them?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Susan (Redondo Beach, CA) on 02/04/2009
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I have a 16 month old 13 lb.terrier pup whose one ear is now inflamed, from little hard bumps to more scab like today, smelly and clearly hurting her (the vet was booked when I went in, till Sat.)

Emily is a spunky sweetheart damaged in her back, legs & spine from puppy mill abuse (leaving no bowel control and little bladder control): she so doesn't deserve more pain in her short life.

I've so far used olive oil, vit.E, hydrogen peroxide, aloe juice -- so far E and Aloe seem to soothe her the most, but it has gotten worse.

She has been shaking her head, and whole body, a LOT. When I first checked her ear I saw nothing but thinner fur near her one ear, with a black dot which I thought might be emotional or have been a bug bite from rolling around 'love noshing' with her puppy friend. What is the difference between what mites and a yeast infection look like?