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Ear Mite Remedies

Mineral Oil
Posted by Susan (Utah) on 09/04/2013
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Please do not use baby oil in your cats ears to kill earmites. It is mineral oil BUT, it also has fragrance which will burn or sting terribly when you put it in a cat's ear. I made the same mistake. It was horrible. The cat never trusted me again. It ran & shook it head. Ran n shook. Hid from me. I felt horrible. I'm here to help. Them not harm them. Did you know many cities have free or low cost. Spay n nuetering. In Utah it is 1800 PETSFIX ext 10. Free if u are low income. $15 / $25 dollars if not. Lets love the ones that are already here. We have plenty. Thank you!!

Mineral Oil
Posted by Jackie (Millerton, Pennsylvania) on 09/20/2007
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NAY on Mineral Oil -- I read Adele Davis' book Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit in the late '60s. It's served as a basis for our family's natural nutrition guide ever since. She was a nationally recognized biochemist/nutritionist in her day, and emphatic against the use of Mineral Oil for either ingestion or topically (since the skin is the body's largest organ). Here's a link (below) to read why, and why I wish to caution against using it as a "natural" ear mite solution. We love our kitties or would not be reading this info. Also, thank you for the info here on ear mites. Just rescued a tiny kitten (stray). Using DE for the fleas (it works!). Now tackling the ear mites. Also found great recipes for home made food by searching "natural food for kittens/cats". He loves the Chicken Stew with lots of veggies included. Good luck to all. - Jackie



MYTH: A beneficial moisturizer.

FACT: An oil manufactured from crude oil. It is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons separated from petroleum. Dr. T. G. Randolph, an allergist, has found that this and many other cosmetic chemicals cause petrochemical hypersensitivity. The allergic reactions can become quite serious in time leading to arthritis, migraine, hyperkinesis, epilepsy and diabetes. Taken internally, mineral oil binds the fat soluble vitamins A, D and E and carries them unabsorbed out of the body, and although little mineral oil is able to penetrate the skin, this tendency is so dangerous that Adelle Davis in Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit says that she "personally would be afraid to use this oil even in baby oils, cold creams and other cosmetics"

(New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1970, p. 46). The fact that mineral oil does not penetrate the skin well makes it inappropriate for use in an absorption base in a skin cream of any kind. In fact, mineral oil-containing cosmetics can produce symptoms similar to dry skin by inhibiting the natural moisturizing factor of your skin. Petrolatum, paraffin or paraffin oil and propylene glycol are other common cosmetic forms of mineral oil. Toxic. Avoid them (Hampton). Has tendency to dissolve the skin's own natural oil and thereby increase dehydration. Mineral oils have been found to be probably the single greatest cause of breakouts in women who use a new product (Chase). Serious carcinogens are commonly found in Mineral Oil.