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Posted by Ebeth (Abernathy, Usa) on 06/30/2011
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Our cat had been diagnosed with Ear mites so we started treating him Pyrethrins as Vet prescribed. So the next morning I squirted some Pyrethrins on both ears he didnt liked it at all, as the Vet directions just " squirt it into his ears". He got soo sick since then, didnt want to eat, he wobbles and vomiting, when I let him outside the wind blows and he just fell into the ground. So I stopped the medication immediately and decided to let him get well first before I would do anything. After 3 days he is well and eating and not wobbling anymore, I just feed him as long as he wanted to eat so he can have his strenght back.

Anyway, I didn't use that Pyrethrins again, I know there is someone here in the board saying that Pyrethins is from crysanthemums and it is not a chemical , I know that too cos I read the ingredients after my cat got sick. Not all Natural remedy are good for every cat, or chemical/pesticide in that matter. Just like us people some medicine may work for you but not to everyone.

I started using coconut oil after I read a lot of remedies here, Im using VCO and he likes it when I massage his ears, but after 5 days I decided to switch to hand sanitizers cos seems like I didn't really see a big difference using coconut oil (i know it will take time) but I want him to feel better sooner. So far I see some improvements, he is more happy and alert and playful and dont shake his head often but probably a couple of time in a day. So I will continue to use Hand sanitizer and see what happens its been 3 days since I started using it.

Thank you so much for this very helpful message board.

Posted by Donna (Savannah, GA USA) on 11/08/2008
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My kitten has ear mites (I think) and I put Ear Miticide in his ear last night. It didn't seem to do anything but irritate his ears worse to where he shook his head and scratched at his ears more than before. Today I rinsed his ears with two drops of vinegar/water mixed 50/50. I then put two more drops of Ear Miticde in each ear. He is sleeping all of the time and when he does get up he wobbles. I am really worried about him. Can someone PLEASE tell me if this is normal?

EC: This website says to call your vet or local Animal Poison Control if you experience side effects from this product: http://www.drugs.com/vet/ear-miticide.html