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Avoid Water When Cleaning Ears
Posted by Iris (Dearborn, Michigan) on 02/12/2009
5 out of 5 stars

For those who use water to clean ear mites on cats/dogs...please be careful. Water will worsen the problem-- it will add bacteria to the canal. The main problems with ear mites are "us" humans (me included). Ear mites are hard to get rid off, but, if you follow the Vet's instruction, these little creatures will go away. We are very impatient and will try anything to get rid of the pesky ear mites. Animals cannot talk, therefore they cannot tell whether it hurts or not. We just keep adding stuff to their canal until we see a "clean ear". Would you like to be treated that way? If not, then, please stop.

Also, you can always tell if a Vet is a good one or not. Just ask: "How many animals do you have?". They usually have few dogs and cats in the house. They will tell you stories of previous animals, and they will also treat your animals with respect. If you do not see these qualities, then, you need to find a new Vet.

Happy days with your pets!