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Posted by Kay (Jax, Fl/USA) on 06/10/2012
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Since I last submitted my post about my 9 1/2 yr old GSD Female, I have taken her to a Specialist at the Uf, Dr Clemmons. After reading up on the disease it is similar to MS in humans. You can google Dr. Clemmons and see on line the diet and meds he lists out. We took her on 6/5 and she was kept over night for extensive tests to rule out anything else. It was not a simple blood/DNA test for a few hundred dollars! We did find out that she also has Polyneuropathy (assumed because of age) and multiple IVDD of the spine. So it was more than arthritis more like degenerative disk disease. Apparently she does not appear to be in any pain. We started her on the meds which include multiple vitamins compounded. The great thing about Dr. C he is not only a neurologist but also well studied and certified in both eastern and western medicines. We have started her on the vitamins and her compounded meds. We will gradually start her diet today. She currently has been on a natural commercial dog food which she will be slowly weaned off over the next 2 weeks, Studies show that 85% of the GSD treated under Dr. C, their DM has slowed it's progression and on some the disease has gone into remission. Because our dog, has multiple issues, this may or may not happen. We can only hope that her quality of life improves. We don't expect a miracle, but had we listened to our local vets, their was no hope at all. The dog will within 3-6 months become paralyzed on both hind legs eventually the front legs, order a doggie wheel chair, etc.

This is a disease I knew nothing about(DM) and apparently it is most common in German Shepherds, but does attack other large dogs. I have had two other GSD and never had this issue.

This site has helped me so much as I have been giving my dog cooked carrots, black strap mollases and ACV. We discovered her collapse on her hind legs back in Nov. 2011 and I thought it to be Arthritis or old age. I have been giving her the above after reading on this site. I honestly believe had I not done this, my dog would be in a wheel chair by now.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the DM for those of you who may have this happen to your dog. As far as the Degenerative Disk Disease there doesn't seem to be alot we can do and we are trying to combat one thing at a time.

Home Remedies and Supplements
Posted by Kay (Jacksonville, Fl/usa) on 05/09/2012
4 out of 5 stars

I submitted a post not long ago about my 9 yr old GS Female back legs seemed to drag the floor. I assume it was Arthritis and began giving her ACV in her water and the Black Strap Molasses. Started this about 2 weeks ago. There has not been any change at that point. I took her to Vet and x-rays were taken which showed Arthritis in her back and he diagnosed her with DM. He also said that I should take her to a Neurologist who specializes in this for a second opinion. There would be an MRI done amongst other tests and quite frankly as much as I love my dog, we are talking a bill of most probably close to $2,000. Maybe or maybe not, they may want to do surgery on the back which could cost thousands more.

I have had German Shepherds before and none of them ever had this disease and they all lived until about 11 or 12 yrs old. I read up on this disease which is like MS in humans and there is no cure. All I can try to do, is perhaps slow the progression down. Eventually, the worst scenerio is she becomes paralyzed and has to have a mobile unit, than she can die from a back up of bowell movements etc. Has anyone experienced this with their GS? I have gotten in touch with an Alternative MED Vet who I have used before, as this vet offers cold laser treatments or acupuncture. I have read up on many things. But truthfully, is there really a cure.... Or just prolongment. Any help out there?

Thanks so much