Coconut Oil for Pets

Skin Issues
Posted by Maggi (Hua Hin, Thailand) on 10/08/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Last week I took home a young rescue dog... He had been in vet care (at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand) for the past months recovering from distemper. He is about 6 mths old and was neutered the week earlier. I knew he had several patches of very dry skin on his shoulders so I've been using Coconut Oil daily and his shoulder area has improved immensely.... his paws are still a work in progress but were never as bad as the other eruptions.

Yesterday I noticed what looks like a large ringworm lesion in his groin. I immediately started using the Coconut Oil on the area and particularly around the stitch area from his 'snip'. Hopefully I have caught it in good time and it will not spread. He does lick it off but it can't be over-applied. I read it takes 10-12 days to actually erupt so now I need to make sure my cat doesn't have similar issues. At least I have a good supply of ACV and C/oil at the ready :)