Chlorella for Dogs: A Natural Nutritional Supplement

Rat Poison Recovery
Posted by Rachel (Eugene, OR) on 12/31/2008

Chlorella for dogs: My aunt's maltese got into rat poison. His body began to shut down, he lost his hair, his tongue turned black and the end fell off...the vet told her he could be of no help and would make a house call if she needed him put down. She used a large syringe with no needle to give him water with a high concentrated amount of the brand Sun Chlorella, for pets. I'm not sure what else she may have done to help nurse him back to health, we are all naturalists in the family and its probably not the only remedy that contributed, but he recovered and she contributed it to the chlorella entirely. It took a while for the hair to grow back (the tip of his tongue never did) and he never looked the same, but he lived a happy 10 more years.