Cherry Eye Remedy: Natural Pet Cures!

Baby Wipes, Dietary Changes
Posted by Earth Clinic Fan (Seattle, Washington) on 06/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

We recently rescued a dog with cherry eye. My husband began to wipe his eyes with Babies' hand and face wipes every morning, just to get the dreck out of the inner corners. I would repeat during the day occasionally if his eyes got glommed up with junk. We also added a "pricey" dog food slowly to his diet (spelt, oats, codfish, orange, and a ton of vitamins) and within a week's time, his cherry eye began to redness at all left. I must say he is on a chicken-free diet and he gets very rare steak (sell-outpriced) pieces of meat for his very best treats. That's the only thing going on around time- consuming ice packs orexpensive bottles of doggy vitamins or potions!