Urinary Tract Disorders in Cats

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Wendy (Orillia, Ontario Canada) on 06/29/2009

Our cat is a very clean cat and has never peed outside of the litter box. On the Wednesday night I was up in the night and could not get over the overwhelming stench of cat pee in the hall. I couldn't figure it out. The next day my husband said he'd forgotten to dump the litter box in the basement and so he did that. I figured that was why. I have 2 small children, a baby, a dog, 9 chickens, we homeschool and my husband is gone over 1/2 the week for work so I'm not as aware of my animals as I could be.n In hindsight it dawned on me the cat was not sleeping on the top bunkbed in the spare room and was sleeping beside the washer!

That evening as I was trying to track down the cat pee smell around the washing machine. I asked my 7 yr old if he could smell it and he said what's that red stuff. In a bucket on the floor was drops of what looked like blood. They had not been there 10 min before when I was doing laundry. I thought maybe the cat had gotten injured so I smelled it and it was urine. My son said, there is more of it in the playroom too. I asked him to show me and sure enough there was quite alot on a bag on the floor and it was very red. ugggh. I followed all the drops to the basement and our cat was laying ont he cold basement floor. I got out my homeopathic books right away and a few of my other holistic books and then I dialed up this site as I always do for any of our ailments. I figure it was a UTI of some sort although I can't say for sure. I was fully prepared to take him to the emergency clinic as I was concerned that he would have an obstruction. I tried to call my husband out of his meeting but my phone was dead. arghh. the cat was in really rough shape- he was crying and panting and breathing rapidly- he flopped on his side and could hardly raise his head. I even tried to prepare the kids for the fact he might die. (my last 2 cats died of kidney issues) I finally got the baby to sleep and then my older children, I set to work. The following is what I gave him: 9:20pm - 2 eye droppers of homemade colloidal silver, 2 homeopathic pellets of nux 30c. 9:45 10 drops zeolite (natural cellular defense), switched to homeopathic pulsitilla 30c. 10:00 pm few more drops zeolite, more cs. *** now cat is upstairs and off basement floor-looking better! 11:00pm still not seeing enough improvement to make me feel I had the right remedy. switched books and tried cantharis 30c (this is used often for women's UTI's), 11:22pm after reading this site apple cider vinegar diluted 3/4 tsp acv to 3 tsp water- sucked up at least 2 droppers full- he DID NOT LIKE IT and foamed at the mouth and coughed and choked. 12:15 2 droppers of ACV, 2 droppers of CS, 1 dose cantharis 30c. 1:40am 200 mg vit c (ascorbic acid) diluted it in water and administered with eye dropper. We brought the litter pan up from the basement to the livingroom and he tried repeatedly to pee. He was no longer crying but really straining. About midnight he had a pee which was relieving because we knew he wasn't blocked. But it was still bloody and he missed the box. 8am the following morning (friday) - bit of zeolite, acv and cs. 8:10 am another pee just slightly pink. **I had no proper food for him and he was starving. I gave him tuna water and put more zeolite, cs and vitamin c in it to hide taste- I didn't want to keep shoving the plastic eye dropper in his throat. anyone who deals with cats knows giving them meds is challenging to say the least. he has front claws so it's easiest to have my husband wrap him in a towel and me administer the remedies. it was about 10am i tried him with my wheatgrass juice. he LOVED it and drank at least 1/2 ounce. He was peeing a wee bit but still obviously straining. Since it was Friday before the weekend, I took him into our partial homeopathic vet. The cat came out of that cage like he was perfectly fine!!! The vet said no he didn't have a blockage, charged me $60 and suggested thuja 30c if he was still straining to pee the next day and if after 6 hrs that didn't work i should use lycopodium 30c. He told me to stop everything else. Well.... i know from a homeopathic standpoint why this is because all of the other things cloud the acurate case taking- however had i not used the colloidal silver the vet would have prescribed an antibiotic. wheatgrass and vit c, then salmon oil are all 'nutritive' and i feel the acv is too. he says the acv is just a bandaid solution to the real problem. But...since I didn't want to end up at the emergency clinic over the weekend I kept up with the vit c at least 4x a day, cs, wheatgrass, zeolite too. I bought some good canned food (ok, as good as canned food can be), some raw food (which he used to be on when life was simple) and mixed it in together as I try to transition him back to a raw diet. Then I just mixed all the other stuff in and he is sooooooooooo hungry he eats it all up every time. The key is though I only give him a small bit at a time... to leave him hungry for next time ;-) By Saturday he seemed perfectly fine. I never used any other homeopathic remedies. As of today- it is Monday night 4 days later he is using the litter box just fine ;-) Keeping fingers crossed. Ooh also I couldn't figure out if it was safe to give a cat oil of oregano ___ brand but I read conflicting reports and finally decided to add in 2 drops 2x a day saturdy and sunday. hope this helps someone else's kittty. ;-)