Urinary Tract Disorders in Cats

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cranberry
Posted by Russell (Sioux Falls, Sd) on 09/29/2009

Worked Temporarily

Hi. I'm returning to this site to voice my complete disappointment in ACV and its effects on MY cat. Catzilla's infection has come back, worse than before now. I've tried 2 ml to 3 ml of Water twice a day for the past couple of days and even with cranberry extract (two capsule a day), nothing is working. She's puking her food up and peeing everywhere again, even so much as (from what I could tell) defecating a bit on the wall (I only saw three small spots on the wall, nothing too gross). I've found blood in her urine when she pees on things so worse has finally come to worse. I must now take whatever money I can and put it toward her vet bill, which I'm sure is going to be through the roof. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but I have no other choice. Very very disappointed in this remedy. ACV just didn't work for me. Good luck, everyone else. I hope your kitties get better.