Castor Oil for Dogs and Cats

Posted by Lori (Ca) on 04/29/2018

I got Sam when he was 4 he had never had wet food, only cheap grain dryfood, and he is an eater, now that he is almost 12 he has developed constipation, though the moment I got, him I gave him wet grain free food, and grain free dry, I personally cannot afford 500 dollar vet bills so a cat saver person started me on Lacti lose and yes it works, and when her vet friend told me about Royal Canin fiber I bought a bag (very pricey} and introduced to handfuls twice a day and put a probiotic cap into the wet food and a less than level 1/2 tsp of mira lax into the wet these steps brought the 2 syringes of lactilose down to needing one syringe, but lactilose is a vet prescription only med, so I began to experiment due to my financial challenges to find away to create a mixture that would work as good as lactilose. I tried all these natural remedies that promised results -- nothing!!

Then one day I took a large feeding syringe filled it not quite full with cocounut water as I could see that the years he was given cheap dry food kind of caused a dehydration issue that made it difficult to void, I put a baking 1/4 not level or heaping tsp of cold pressed organic castor oil in the coconut water with a broken cap of probiotic powder sprinkled in, shook it to mix it administered it to him via the side of his mouth, he went the next day, a healthy stool, and a few days later gave that to him again, and he went in 15 min. so I do the lactilose maybe twice in a 5 day period and the coconut water mixture 1st of the week and last of the week, and when I give him grain free wet food I pour warm water in for the liquid hydration with mira lax need, I am careful to keep it spaced out and watch his cat box visits, so far he needs these mixtures, I am hoping he will need them less as time goes on.