Castor Oil for Dogs and Cats

Posted by Kewpie (San Diego) on 12/21/2015

Castor oil completely cleared very cloudy eyes on my boxer. I used one drop in each eye for several months. They looked completely clear and it also seemed that he could see better. He since died of other causes but he was 14 which is old for a boxer. Also used the castor oil on his benign cysts. It completely cleared one cyst and shrank the other larger cyst though it never completely shrank/cleared. If I hadn't seen it for myself I actually would not believe it. I am an RN and see cataract patients refered for surgery and keep thinking if only I could tell them about castor oil...unfortunately I am not at liberty to do so. I did tell my friend who owns an optometry store about my dog's cataracts and castor oil and she was pretty amazed. She trusts me so maybe she will mention it to her clients.