Canine Congestive Heart Failure Treatment

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 01/15/2021 36 posts

My 14 year old mini poodle was diagnosed with CHF last March, 2020.

She had been coughing and though I tried many natural remedies, she ended up filled with fluid. Took her to the vet to get the fluid drained and from doing a lot of research, I already knew what was wrong. At first I didn't want to put her on any medication, kept hoping natural remedies would work, so decided to see how long before she filled with fluids again. It took a week and we were back at the vets to get her drained again. Decided to try the lowest dose of what the vet wanted to put her on so they gave her lasix and vetmedin, twice a day. The vet didn't think the lasix was going to work and she even asked me if I had planned ahead, meaning to put her down. She didn't mention other tests or keeping up with her because I think she felt there was no hope. I had her on the meds for about 4 months and then slowly weaned her off the lasix and she was fine. All the while, I still gave her natural supplements. After another couple of months, I noticed that even though she was still on the vetmedin, she was still coughing the same so I slowly weaned her off of that also.

I've tried some natural supplements mention on EC but decided they weren't right for my dog. She doesn't like to swallow pills so everything I give her has to be put in her food. She was eating cooked chicken and vegetables for years but now that she doesn't have many teeth and she's tired of the chicken, I've added canned dog food to her meals, which helps hide the supplements I give her. Since she's a small dog, weighing only 12#, I only give her a small amount of the supplements. I have a set of measuring spoons that measure a tad (1/4 tsp), a dash (1/8 tsp.), pinch (1/16 tsp.), a smidgen (1/32 tsp.) and that's what I use to measure what to give her and it works great. This is what she gets every day.

D-Ribose a pinch twice a day

Young At Heart 12 drops twice a day

Dr. Mercola curcumin a smidgen 3 times a day

Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) a smidgen twice a day

VetriScience Cardio Strength 1 capsule a day, divided morning and evening

Mullein Leaf Extract 10 drops twice a day

Hawthorn Extract 6 drops twice a day

CBD oil 3 drops 4 times a day

As a diuretic, I give her one of these as I think she needs it

AC-Carbamide 1-2 capsules a day divided morning and evening

Dandelion leaf 1/8 tsp. twice a day

Green Tea 1/2 cup a day divided in her food. I give her this every day even if I give her dandelion or AC-Carbamide

When she coughs a lot I'll give her one of these

2 drops of liquid magnesium in a little water to help stop the cough, just once a day

Y.S. ECO BEE FARMS propolis extract honey paste about 1/8 tsp. with a little water to dissolve it

CBD oil

She still has coughing fits when she first wakes up and I know she's clearing her lungs so I don't give her anything for it. If she continues coughing for a while and it doesn't sound like anything is coming up, I'll give her something for the cough. The CBD oil seems to help with the cough also. I must say though that my dog is pretty smart. She likes the propolis/honey paste and I'm pretty sure that at times, she coughs just to get some. She will start to cough and cough and the minute I stand up and head towards the kitchen, the coughing stops. She still has plenty of energy and runs but then coughs afterward, loves to eat and is happy. The supplements I give her haven't healed her but they give her a good life.