Canine Congestive Heart Failure Treatment

Posted by Terri (Taiwan) on 12/26/2016

The Theracurmin mentioned above is likely an excellent product for addressing many many health issues in both people and animals. The primary reason for its increased effectiveness over any other standard curcumin supplement is that it has been nanolised (nano particle size) to make the curcumin highly bioavailable. There is another nanolised curcumin avaiolable, CurcuWin curcumin that has the same high bioavailabilty, but is more reasonably priced. CurcuWin was actually the first nanolised curcumin product on the market. We use it a lot in the treatment of everything from cancer to liver problems to heart issues. It rocks! Recommended to a friend with a boxer with CHF (along with an appropriate and comprehensive natural supp. protocol). She's currently awaiting delivery of the curcumin in Quebec. Fingers crossed! I've seen that nanolised curcumin literally perform miracles.