Canine Congestive Heart Failure Treatment

CoQ10, Lipoform
Posted by Lauren (Las Vegas, NV) on 09/03/2019

Hi. My dog was diagnosed with heart issues. She was having trouble breathing so I took her to the regular vet near our house right when they opened. He didn't even touch her or check her out and said that she just had allergies. I left there and as I was getting ready for my day she started the chocking sound again. I called the holistic vet and got in immediately. She DID check her out. Her back paw pulse was racing and she asked if I had taken her for a run, I said no. Come to find out her heart had enlarged so bad it was pushing down on her trachea.

She worked her magic and gave her CQ10 and a product called Lipoform. I added in Hawthorne berry. She lost weight and is a whole different dog now. I've even adopted the same protocol for myself with great success.